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Maqsood Ahmed Khan
The Founder of Interfaith Harmony

Family Back Ground:

Maqsood Ahmed Khan, popularly known as Maqsood Arfi, born in Gaya (Bihar), India, in a family of Khan Babu Abdul Ghafoor Khan, a renowned family of the region, which do not require any introduction. His great grandfather was a Yousufzai, pathan by cast and belongs to a Nawab of Rampur Mohammed Ismail khan, who had come from Afghan region as a commander in Aurangzeb’s force.

Grandfather of Maqsood Arifi was Waali of Sherghati- a subdivision-level town of the Gaya district in Bihar, India. An origin story says that Sher Shah Suri, formerly known as Farid Khan, had hunted a lion at this very place; subsequently Farid was known as Sher Khan, and when he became the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, defeating Humayun, became Sher Shah. During British rule, Sherghati was a place of administrative importance as a Commissionary headquarters. The road is known as Grand Trunk Road (GT. Road), touching Calcutta on the one side and Pashawar (Pakistan) on the other side also passing through said Area. The ancestors of Maqsood Arfi were given vast Jagirs by side of the famous Grand Trunk Road (GT road) by the Great Sher Shah Suri.

Khan Mohammed Ayub Khan the father of Maqsood Arifi was a powerful landlord of the area and was very famous due to his kind heart and generosity.

Khan Bahadur Justice Sir Khawaja Mohammad Noor, a very renowned personality of Bihar, India, who held various prestigious positions during the British rule in India such as the Judge of Patna High Court, India, Vice Chancellor of Patna University, and the Chairman of the Indian railway was also belong to the family of Maqsood Arfi.

Professional life:

Maqsood Ahmed Arfi is the youngest amongst his brothers. He got his early education from Madaressah, waqf by his late great grandmother, where he learned Arabic and Persian, whereafter, he received higher education. In his early professional life he had joined the Trading Corporation of Pakistan and earned lot of appreciation specially in selecting exportable items for International exhibitions. He also gained prominence and received overwhelming appreciations from Ministry as well as the Chairman TCP when wrote the article- TCP and Foreign Trade of Pakistan, in Business Recorder. In late 70s he left the TCP and had opted for the profession of Sales Marketing. In this field he started his carrier as Sales Representative and due to his hard work and skills in the field, he reached at the pinnacle of the profession and while holding top positions he remained director sales in various renowned local, American and British firms like Revelon, Petra, Cussions, etc. His skills in this regards was well appreciated by the leading English daily 'The DAWN' dated 17.02.1983, wherein he was declared as the youngest marketing expert for consumer items of Pakistan market.

Spiritual Association:

Due to the great attachment with the religion Maqsood Arfi from the early age got himself associated with Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi (R.A), one of the renowned caliphs of Maulna Ashraf Ali Thanwi (R.A) the great scholar and Alim -e-din of Deu bandi school of thought and after the death Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi (R.A) Maqsood Arfi, got himself associated with yet another famous scholar and Alim-e-Din Maulana Yousuf Ludianvi (Shaheed). And due to the said attachment with religion, Maqsood Arfi, after his retirement from the profession, has devoted his life for preaching of Islam and exhorting people to the path of the Allah Almighty. In this regard he used to write books, and give speeches in different places of the city of Karachi, at some time at the request he had done khitabat for Jumma prayers as well.

Literary work:

During the period from year 2000 to 2011, Maqsood Arfi wrote seven (7) books details whereof are as under:

  1. Tohfa-tul-Arfeen (Urdu language): This book was appreciated by the then Minister of Interior and Narcotics Control Lt.Gen.(RETD)Moin-ud-Din Haider who in his appreciation letter recorded as follows

    “Since it concerns the subjects of human rights in the light of Islamic teachings ,I feel it would be very useful for me personally and I would also urge upon the officials of my ministry to go through it for their benefit and education"

  2. A Fact behind the Facts (English language): This book encompasses complete Islamic knowledge including its basic principles. This book is also very useful for youths especially because nowadays many people are in search of the real Islam and its teachings. If someone really desire to know what Islam really is then this book is very helpful. One can also get this book from the internet website is

    This book was written in 2007 after 6 years of 9/11 when the President Bush triggered war between Muslims and Christians gazing the gravity of the situation. Maqsood Arfi decided to extend his writing skills internationally and wrote a masterpiece book called 'A Fact Behind The Facts'. This book covers the complete teachings of Islam. Copy of this book was sent to the United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who constituted a team and appreciated the effort of the writer and informed the writer accordingly by a letter which appears on the website www.maqsoodarfi.comSubsequently, Mr. Ban Ki-moon also arranged the meeting of 130 States of the world in Spain apprising them of the reality of Islam and the gravity of the situation on the platform of Interfaith Harmony.

  3. Rooh-ul-Maarif (Urdu language): This is a summary of the renowned book Maaruful Quran (8 volumes) by mufti Mohammed Shafi Usmani and Mulana Taqi Usmani. This is very useful to understand the soul of Islam.

  4. Majmuah of Durood Sharif (Arabic and Urdu language) : This book contain numerous Durood Sharif with translation duly recognized by the well known Ullem-e-Karam like Maulana Yousuf Ludhianwi (R.A), Allama Maqhdoom Hashim Sindhi (R.A) and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (R.A).

  5. Dua (Urdu language): collection of Duas in urdu based on the compilation by well known Ullema-e-Karam.

  6. Hajj-e-Rabul Bait (Urdu language): This is summary based on the book Haj Rituals written by Maulana Shibli Naumani (R.A)

  7. Mamulat-e-Shab-o-Roz (Urdu language): What Muslim has to do in his daily routine according to the teachings of Islam has been comprehensively written in this book.

Asad Hussain Khan

son of Maqsood Ahmed Khan

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