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A person is born in a family, not by his own choice. That family has a particular religion and that becomes his religion also, again not by his own choice. In olden days the matter ended there. He had to accept that religion as naturally, as he had to accept his parents, but today the situation is different.

The youth of today is enlightened by education and is imbued with the spirit of freedom of thought, which is the hall-mark of the modern age. He wants to satisfy his intellect before accepting any idea as a truth.

This book is the result of such an attempt. An enquiry has been instituted in this matter basing it on observation, logic and human experience, Historical Conclusions have been arrived at as dictated by human intellect and not because somebody has said so, nor because any authority, religious or otherwise, has so dictated.

I have every hope that this book will interest the educated youth of modern times, to whom it has been dedicated.


In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful


The 9/11 incident and its repercussions proved fatal. The way U.S Government opted for a very aggressive policy to deal the situation and under the garb of its newly developed philosophy of 'pre-emptive strike', it has wittingly or unwittingly, endangered the whole world and the humanity, needless to state, against the preaching of Moses and Jesus Christ (MUSVI and ESSVI Islam). More so, through media propaganda, rather 'media magic', they are portraying Islam as an anti-human, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, anti-rational and Muslim generally as terrorists. This distorted picture of Islam on the whole is a depressing and misleading one.

The western media deliberately concealed various important factors of Islam from a common man which need to be brought to light such as:

a) Islam a peaceful religion that enjoins tolerance, justice, mercy and love;

b) The concept of One-ness of God;

c) Universal brotherhood as envisaged by Islam;

d) Facts about Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham and other Prophets of God (Peace be upon all of them) as mentioned in the Holy Quran;

e) It is an obligatory in Islam to look after the well-being of every human and living being;

f) Life herein-after as a deterrent for avoiding sins and motivation for following the moral values and code of conduct stipulated by God the Almighty in respect of trade, finance, legal, social (including Parents, family, neighbours, etc.) and other matters of human beings.

In fact, after 9/11 people have come to know Islam as both a distinct religion-the world's fastest growing faith-as well as a diverse political tradition that manifest in the lived social experience of over 1.2 billion people across sixty countries.

People have also come to realize that Islam is not simply a rigid system of set beliefs that revolves around the holy script of the Quran and the sovereignty of Allah; it is unlike Christianity and Judaism a truly communal religion that intimately influences the attitudes of its believers. The vibrancy and importance of Islam in the present and future need not be under-rated.

The present situation demands that people from all walks of life should be invited to ponder over the present plight of mankind and do their utmost for its betterment. Accordingly, the author of this book 'A Fact Behind The Facts', has taken pain to do his part of the job with an impeccable authority and reading of this book is an unfailing source of pleasure.

This book is an indispensable reference work for everyone who has thirst for knowledge of religions; Islam and Christianity.

The purpose of this book 'A Fact Behind The Facts' is to highlight the importance of human intellect and draw the attention of the atheists and followers of other religions to establish the KINGDOM OF THE LORD. This book will also make believers more resolute. The mostly argued point of non-believers that this Universe came into existence on its own has been adequately explained. The justification of there being a Creator-God the Almighty, the importance and need for the Right Path, Prophets and Religion, amendments introduced by St. Paul in Christianity, status of Jesus, Moses and other Prophets (peace be upon all of them) as described in the Holy Quran, salient features of Islam and other related topics and in the last but not the least, the method of Prayer nicely illustrated through pictures, should be well received by those who are in quest of material and spiritual salvation.

I am sure that this book will be a source of inspiration to all those, who chose to follow the Path shown by the author.

Arshad Hussain Khan
High Court of Sindh,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Dated: 5th February 2007